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JSC Sinelnikovskaya teploisolyatsyiaĒ (Sinelnikovo heat insulation plant) is a dynamically developing enterprise producing heat-insulating materials and ceramic bricks. The plant founded by Essvald and Chernikin in 1900 and bought out by Germans Webb and Dick in 1910 produced ceramic bricks.
The plant transformed completely in more than a century of operation and became one of the major enterprises using high-tech achievements in its production.

A new gas-fired tunnel kiln was commissioned in 1975.
The forming section was mechanized and automated in 80-ies. An automatic charger was put into operation in 1998. Since 2000 the plant discontinued completely to charge bricks manually. Nowadays all basic production sections are completely or partially mechanized and automated. An annual productive capacity is 25.5 million conditional bricks.
Mullite-siliceous fiber production facilities were put into service and mastered since 1992. Their capacity is 2250 tons of fiber per year.
The enterprise employs 250 people.

At present the enterprise produces:
  • heat-insulating mullite-siliceous fiber and a wide range of products based on it;
  • ceramic bricks;
  • glass enamels.
The basic product type is heat-insulating mullite-siliceous fiber and a wide range of products based on it. The materials sustain high temperatures. They are characterized by low specific thermal conductivity, low heat accumulation, light weight, superb resistance to corrosion and heat shocks and excellent sound absorption.
The application temperature for coiled materials, felt and batting is up to 1260į—; that of heat-insulating fibrous boards MKRPG-400 and ShPGT, as well as zirconium-containing coiled materials is up to 1450į—.
The materials are applied in all industries from household gas and electric stoves, refrigerators to powerful thermal units in mechanical engineering, power engineering, metallurgical and chemical industries.
The materials are environmentally safe and replace detrimental to health asbestos, glass wool and mineral wool very effectively.
Besides, the enterprise produces ceramic bricks applied in civil engineering extensively. The existing production equipment and production process enable to make sound regular ordinary-sized and thick bricks with process induced hollows. Our bricks are characterized by high strength, durability, resistance to harmful atmospheric conditions and preserve a stable shape and a constant colour. Again, they are made only of natural raw materials without application of any harmful additives thus ensuring their environmental safety.
The product quality is controlled by the plant laboratory certified by the Gosstandard (the State Standard of Ukraine). The bricks were certified in Ukraine according to quality standard DSTU B.V.2.7-61-97 and radioactivity regulation DBNV 1.4-1.01.


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